News | May 14, 2020

Rebuilds At Mari Pulp And Paper Mill JSC

Big expansion in the oldest paper mill in russia

In autumn 2019, "Mari Pulp and Paper Mill JSC” signed a contract with Bellmer for the rebuild of its PM2. Today this machine produces liner and fluting grades with a capacity of 170 t/d. The target capacity for the expansion is 270 t/d.

The works to be completed on PM2 are extensive – the bottom fourdrinier will be extended and a new top fourdrinier and trinip press section with a shoe press will be installed. For the bottom layer, a new Bellmer headbox will be supplied while the existing top layer headbox will be rebuilt.

Bellmer Finland Oy also received an order for 3 additional headboxes for PM2 and PM6 as part of the rebuild. PM1 at the Mariysky mill already operates a TurboJetter dilution controlled headbox on sack kraft with excellent results. All headboxes are designed and manufactured in the Bellmer Finland Oy workshop in Hollola. Customer training, installation supervision and commissioning in close cooperation with Bumtechno, Bellmer’s Russian agency, are an essential part of the deliveries.

The new headboxes for PM6 were delivered in March and the headbox for PM2 is scheduled to arrive in June 2020. Furthermore, big modifications will be performed in the approach flow system and in the dryer section. The delivery of equipment is scheduled for the end of 2020 and the installation and start up for beginning of 2021.

The company "Mari Pulp and Paper Mill JSC", located in Volzhsk on the Volga River, 800 km from Moscow, was founded in 1934 and is the oldest paper mill in Russia. Presently there are 5 paper machines and 1 pulp dryer in operation, which produce pulp and different paper grades with an annual capacity of 280.000 t.